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Native American Culture

Who else knows more inside information about beautiful Monument Valley than the people that are born and raised there, the

people that call it their Motherland? The family's Great great-grandfather, Mr. Grey Whiskers, has left a legacy to his children,

who to this day still live in Monument Valley. His knowledge and understanding has been respectfully shared from

generation to generation, making it possible for different nationalities from all over the world who visit this wonderful and

beautiful ‘eighth Wonder of the World’, to experience Monument Valley in the purest way. As children, they played

hide-and-seek among these huge rocks, explored, uncovered many amazing things and learned what beauty is me as the

eyes beheld the inspiring views. These were moments in which they realized the presence of the omnipotent forces of

Nature among them. Now they gladly invite you to come share their great-great grandfather’s legacy with them.

After a guided tour of Monument Valley you will spend the night in a traditional Navajo hogan near Monument Valley. What is

a Hogan? The structure and materials of the Hogan are made out of natural resources such as desert juniper trees, juniper

barks (for insulation), and dirt (red desert earth) plastered over the dome-shape structure (much like the igloo-shape of the

Eskimos) made out of juniper logs. The Hogan has a studio empty setting, it was used primarily for ceremonial propose not

for living quarter. The Hogan is a perfect dwelling for the Navajos. It’s cool in the heat of the summer and warm in the winter.

Your host will share and let you experiences the original Navajo culture, traditions and their precious heritage.

Tour description: A complete package of 30+ miles secluded off-roads lets you discover the restricted area in the

backcountry of Monument Valley. This land is a notable sacred site for the Dineh - the Navajos who are the Keepers of

Monument Valley - a sacred unforgettable homeland and motherland to them. The special character of the area is further

strengthened by the history of the Anasazis, the "Ancient Ones", and well known for their imaginative ability, by way of

concealed or secret illustration, such as, petroglyphs, pictographs and ruins known as cliff dwellings. The "Off the Beaten

Track" tour solicits the delicate, breathtaking arches that withstand the contrasting, massive buttes. You will also visit the

famous places in Monument Valley that once served as real-life backdrops for numerous movies, especially Westerns. For

example, Stagecoach, The Searchers, How The West Was Won, Back To The Future-part 3, Thelma and Louise and much,

much more. The tour starts at approx. 5:00pm (17:00), but time is subject to change depending on the time of sunset. Famous

photographers all over the world have chosen the time of sunset as their favorite time of the day to capture the landscape

of Monument Valley. Spectacular long shades and brilliant red, flaming orange, soft purple and rich gold paint the skies, giving

the buttes, spires and mesas of Monument Valley that unique, mythical beauty you will not find anywhere else on Earth.

Classification:Native American Culture

Season:Year around

Arrival Day:Any


Guest Capacity:

Included In Rate:Stay in Navajo Traditional Hogan * 2.5 hour sunset jeep tour of

Monument Valley * Dinner of a Navajo Taco dish * Presentation of

the Navajo history * Entertainment of Navajo Singing and Dancing of

the old ways * Camp fire folk tale stories * Sleeping gear

Not Included:Entrance fee to Monument Valley * Gratuity

Child's Program:None


Minimum Age:years:

Remarks:Minimum Pax : 2. Alcohol is prohibited on the reservation - do not

bring your own. Bathroom facilities: chemical toilets, wash pan,

soap, towels provided, but no showers. Sleeping bag provided.

Note: if picture of a Navajo is taken they expect a fee.


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